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About Me

I believe play and joy are profoundly healing.

You and I were born into the joy of existence. Though discomfort and shame can be powerful short-term motivators, I believe they are ultimately harmful and unsustainable. I collaborate with clients in conceiving of new behaviors and thought-patterns that are intrinsically motivating and founded in love.

I am a dancer of African American vernacular dances, specifically, swing and tap.

Vernacular dances are rooted in a culture that fosters conversation through movement in real time in order to celebrate, cope with, interpret, and express the present moment. I am a movement coach, and a master of matching. Through thousands of hours spent honing my ability to match my outer expression to my inner experience, I naturally create a space where others do the same. Doing so brings light to core dynamics that are present. I bring my counseling training to this movement practice, and this movement training to my counseling practice.

I am a white-passing multiracial cisgender man.

I consider it valuable to share these facets of my identity with potential clients, as I bring my whole self to the work I do while I encourage them to do the same. I’m comfortable talking about issues of gender, sexuality, privilege, and internalized racism and sexism, and I bring to my practice a perspective born of the work I have done and continue to do to dismantle systems of oppression, including white supremacy. I welcome people of all genders and sexual orientations.

I have a passion for:

  • self-love and self-acceptance

  • precise communication

  • intentional choices

  • play through movement

  • discovering the underlying contexts that shape our experience and our expression

  • the unique creativity that lives in each of us

I receive good feedback about:

  • my ability to connect with people, whether in conversation or in dance

  • my ability to invite others into their bodies and play

  • my calm and welcoming nature

  • my commitment to learning and growing

  • my openness to receiving feedback

My Training

Damian Cade received his BS in Psychology from the University of Washington in 2011.  He has spent over 100 hours studying Alexander Technique with Cathy Madden, former chair of Alexander Technique International, and over 750 hours apprenticing under Kathlyn Hendricks, Ph.D., BC-DMT, and Gay Hendricks, Ph.D. as part of the Leadership and Transformation program. He has been teaching for events and workshops since 2009, and locally at various studios in Bellingham since December 2015.

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