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Damian Cade

Body-centered Counseling in Bellingham, Washington


Individual Counseling

Explore topics deeply important to you while playing with the earnest joy of childhood.

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Experience the magic of body-centered therapy with the option of incorporating partner dancing as a modality.

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Career Counseling

Identify your unique gifts and free up your choice around your livelihood.

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Workshops and Seminars

Bring presence, connection, and play to your next event and enjoy soulful group facilitation.

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Therapy Sessions
My Approach

My approach is rooted in over 750 hours of training with The Hendricks Institute. I experience my clients as whole, right from the start. There’s nothing to eliminate, nothing to move past or get over, nothing missing. Merely, there is the present moment, our vast inner experience, our choices, and how to expand in creativity, love and abundance.

About me

I believe play and joy are profoundly healing. Beyond my life as a counselor, I am a dancer, musician, and improviser; these expressions of my creativity infuse my practice with joy and movement.

Damian Cade moves like a breeze over a lake. What's more magical is his ability to engage your free mover, even if you've had this aspect in the basement for years. Being with Damian as he teaches creates pure bliss--there's really nothing more to say than that!

- Kathlyn Hendricks, Ph.D., BC-DMT

Director of Training for The Hendricks Institute

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